Spectre Films is an independent documentary company, based at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville, Melbourne


Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey

Splice Here is a new feature length documentary filmed over five years across Australia the U.S and U.K featuring interviews with the well known champions of projected film as well as the lesser known characters behind the scenes. Film maker & projectionist Rob Murphy began documenting what he and many others thought was the end of the film era. However, something unforeseen was happening and in 2016 the roadshow release of The Hateful8 confirmed it. Event cinema was making a come back and as Rob and his passionate film crazed colleagues scrambled to equip their cinema for 70mm projection, they had inadvertently become part of it. What had started out as the documentation of something ending was now witness to its rebirth. Projected completion 2018.


A Village Somewhere ( Working Title)

A Village Somewhere is the classic Australian adventure series reimagined and updated by aviation adventurer and cinema owner, Michael Smith. Loosely framed as Ask the Leyland Brothers meets A River Somewhere the series will follow Michael and his tiny flying boat named, Southern Sun as they explore the relevance and importance of cinema in smaller village communities.

The series will build on themes explored in the successful feature documentary Voyage of the Southern Sun where Michael became the first person to circumnavigate the globe solo in a flying boat. An achievement honoured by Australian Geographic naming him Adventurer of the Year in 2016.

Voyage of the Southern Sun

Follow the round the world flight of Australian Geographic's Adventurer of the Year, Michael Smith, in his Searey amphibian plane, the Southern Sun. Visiting 80 cities and in 25 countries, retracing the 1930's Flying Boat Air Mail Routes and visiting local cinemas along the way. World premiere April 12th 2017 and exclusively in cinemas til November 2017. Directed by Robert Murphy.